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Hagersville Food Bank Partnership

The HAC is partnering with the Hagersville Food Bank!

The Hagersville Food Bank has provided the HAC with food bags to help ANYONE in need. As cost of living, groceries and gas prices rise, we want to ensure a space with no stigma where people can receive food.

If you are in need of a food bag or know someone who can benefit from a food bag please stop by the HAC office.

For direct contact to the Hagersville Food Bank contact 

(289) 758-3789 

Senior Support Services 

Senior Support Services in an "umbrella" agency that plans, develops and coordinates the delivery of home support services for seniors (60+) and adults with disabilities (18+) in Haldimand and Norfolk. Services that Senior Support Services provides includes Meals on Wheels, transportation, volunteer visiting, adult day programs and more. 

for more information contact 

Norfolk: 1-866-529-0849

Haldimand: 1-800-265-2818 

Young Caregivers Association POWERHOUSE

Powerhouse is an evidence informed program developed to teach YOUNG CAREGIVERS life and personal development skills, provide opportunity to connect with other caregiving kids, bring caregiving families together, and reinforce self-care. Powerhouse™ programs are delivered throughout the Haldimand, Norfolk and Niagara Regions and are geared towards ages 5 to 25 and have supported hundreds of YOUNG CAREGIVERS over the years. All of our Powerhouse™ services aim to build the resilience of YOUNG CAREGIVERS and their families.

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