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Ashley Everets

Ashley began her career at the HAC in 2011. She is the Program Lead at the HAC. You can count on Ashley to bring positivity, optimism, and energy into the HAC every day! She enjoys working with the best team and providing recreational opportunities to all our participants! Stop by the HAC and instantly feel welcomed by her fun, bubbly personality. Ashley believes that the HAC is a community of acceptance and autonomy, that promotes independence, creativity, and a better quality of life.

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Cindy Beaver

Cindy has been working for the HAC since 2008. As a graduate of the Conestoga College Legal Secretarial Program, Cindy has worked in the field as an Administrative Assistant for over 25 years. Cindy is wonderful at her job, always bringing an empathetic and easy-going energy to every interaction she has at the HAC. Whether it is answering phone calls or being the first to welcome you at our doors, Cindy will always make you feel heard. 

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Lakeisha Thelwell

Lakeisha has been a part of the HAC team since 2017. She has an education in Recreation Therapy and works at the HAC as a Social Recreation and Public Relations Coordinator. At the HAC, Lakeisha is known for her innovative ideas, collaboration with others, and amazing cooking skills! She is an advocate for physical programs and believes that facilitating Seated Fitness at the HAC allows her to assist people in maintaining or enhancing their physical health. Lakeisha enjoys working on a supportive team that works towards creating a positive environment for people of all demographics.

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Yvonne is an employee of the Alzheimer's Society and has worked at the HAC as a Counsellor and Program Facilitator since November 2011. She is a Social Service Worker and also studied Canadian History and Political Science in University. As an essential member of the HAC, Yvonne brings endless humour, knowledge, and creativeness to the team. Her favourite programs are Start with Art and Brain Fit, as both programs unite people in creativity and learning. Yvonne believes the HAC is a place for people to access and learn about ways to incorporate strategies to promote healthy aging. You can count on Yvonne to always make you feel safe and supported at the HAC.

Yvonne Nardi


Aura Rempel

Aura has been working at the HAC as a Facilitator of Social Recreation and Wellness Programs since 2022. At the HAC, Aura is known for her empathy, creative imagination, and bubbly personality. She approaches every aspect of work with a positive attitude and never fails to make you laugh. Aura loves being able to connect with participants and get to know them better by letting their creative side shine in art programs. She enjoys being a part of a team that works toward a common goal of helping the community. Aura believes the HAC provides programs to better the community and those living in it.

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